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Bamboo Fungus & Fish Maw Soup Pack 竹笙花胶汤包

Bamboo Fungus & Fish Maw Soup Pack 竹笙花胶汤包

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Bamboo Fungus & Fish Maw Soup Pack 笙花胶汤包


Nutritive value

-A variety of amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, etc. have the effect of nourishing and strengthening, replenishing qi and brain, calming the mind and strengthening the body;

-Supplement the necessary nutrients for human body to improve the immunity and disease resistance of the body;

-It can protect the liver and reduce the accumulation of abdominal wall fat, which has the effect of "scraping oil", so as to reduce blood pressure, blood fat and lose weight;

-The Miao people in Yunnan have a lower risk of cancer, which may be related to their frequent use of Dictyophora and glutinous rice to soak in water. Modern medical research has also proved that Dictyophora contains ingredients that can inhibit tumor.


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