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Honeysuckle 金银花 100G

Honeysuckle 金银花 100G

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Honeysuckle flower has sweet and cold properties, and is associated with the Lung, Stomach and Heart meridians. It is rich in proteins, sugars, Vitamins A & C, flavonoids, saponins, organic acids- derivatives of chlorogenic acid and anti-oxidants that help to heal and nourish the skin.

Key benefits :-

- Improves blood circulation and replenish Qi

- Relieves body heat and detoxifies blood

- Relieves symptoms of cold and flu and upper respiratory infections

- Rich in anti-oxidants that are anti-aging and heals and nourish the skin

- Treat acute infectious diseases due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory efficacy

- Treats skin infections such as boils or pus-filled infections reducing pain, swelling and redness

- Treats & cures acne on face and body

- Relieves skin rashes, itching, discomfort and anti-allergy for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis

- Reduces high fever and other symptoms of excessive heat such as dizziness, thirst and excessive sweating

- Lowers fat deposits & blood pressure and improves immunity

- Relieves sore throat and tonsillitis

- Nourishes the liver and improves production of fluids in the body


Storage : Keep refrigerated for freshness and longer shelf life .

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