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Lotus Root Peanuts Soup 莲藕花生汤

Lotus Root Peanuts Soup 莲藕花生汤

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All our Soup pack will be labelled with Cooking Instructions .

Benefits : Boost immune system and Nourish spleen and stomach

Ingredients : Freeze Dried Lotus Root , Red Dates , Peanuts , Dried Cuttlefish , Dried Scallops .

Preparation Method :

- Wash all ingredients

- Soak Peanuts 1 -2 hrs , Soak Lotus Roots for 1 hour

- Add 2 - 2.5 litres of water and add all ingredients with pork ribs .

- High Heat for about 15 mins and low heat for 1.5 hrs

- Add salt to taste and ready to serve

Suitable up to 4 pax

One of our best selling soups on our Live streaming .

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