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Morel Mushroom/Yang Du Jun 羊肚菌 50G

Morel Mushroom/Yang Du Jun 羊肚菌 50G

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Morel Mushroom/Yang Du Jun 羊肚菌 

Morel are low calorie mushrooms with superb levels of health benefiting antioxidants, essential minerals and vitamins,
and carry the highest amount of vitamin-D among the edible mushrooms. 
Morels are unique among the edible mushrooms which recognize for their rich mineral content e.g copper, iron, manganese, and zinc levels . 

Adequate calcium, phosphorus and vitamin-D levels in the blood is critical for the growth and development of bones and teeth.

Helps to improve immune system and bowel movement . 

Morels can be add into soup , stir fry , steam , stewed, braised or cooked in main dishes meat like rice, 
poultry, and fish . 

Storage : Keep refrigerated for freshness and longer shelf life . 

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