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Wild Tibet Cordyceps/ (8pcs/Bottle)

Wild Tibet Cordyceps/ (8pcs/Bottle)

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- Cordyceps is a parasitic fungi that uses the larvae of insects as their host. The name 冬虫夏草 Dong Chong Xia Cao describes exactly of “an insect in Winter and a plant in Summer”. First, spores from the fungus land on the insect (caterpillar) and germinate inside the host overtime. Once the fungus has consumed the insect, the mushroom will release spores by sprouting from the head of the insect.

- There are many strains of Cordyceps. The most valued are the wild Cordyceps Sinesis which infects the caterpillar of the Hepialus moth. These are found in Tibet of extremely high altitudes in the Himalayan mountains. There are other variants from Qinghai, Nepal, Bhutan.

- Cordyceps is highly priced for its amazing health benefits and the difficulty and risks in obtaining them. This is a precious tonic offered to Emperors in China.


- Boosts energy. A precious herb in energizing the mind and body. Reduce fatigue.

- Strengthen immunity

- Strengthen lungs, improve respiratory issues

- Strengthen kidneys

- Improve athletic performance

- Anti-aging

Especially good for:

- Health General wellness: a supplement to improve immunity

- Working adults facing high stress: improve immunity, energy and hence concentration. Suggest to add American ginseng to further boost efficacy and energy.

- Sport Athletes: Improve lung performance and endurance. - Suggest to add American ginseng to further boost efficacy and energy.

- elderly: aids cough and asthma. Helps with long periods of cough and breathlessness. Also improves immunity.

- Place of Origin: Tibet

Storage: Please store in Freezer to maintain freshness.

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